Materials We Commonly Use

Below we have created a list of materials that we commonly use.  In general, we do not use just one or two insecticides on a pest service, but a variety of materials based on the problem and the surroundings.  

In the interest of comfort, safety, and being environmentally friendly, our first objective is to determine if we can solve the pest problem without the use of an insecticide.  Often times, we can eliminate a pest harborage or feeding site and then employ Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) as outlined by the EPA,  to achieve our goal.   In many cases, there is no other practical option than the use of an appropriate EPA registered insecticide.  Our first and most important policy is always "Safety First" so you can be sure we will apply these materials exactly the way the label and Texas Law requires us to.  

Next, during our inspection, we make every attempt to be mindful of the environment and the varying sensitivities of some individuals to pesticides.  We will safely use either low-odor or no-odor materials as well as organic pesticides wherever practical.  There is no such thing as a "non-toxic" pesticide.  If it is a licensed, tested, and EPA registered pesticide, it will be toxic to the pests outlined on the label and safe when applied according to the label.  Therefore, if another company tells you they use "non-toxic" pesticides, it may not be EPA registered and therefore may not be legally used.  

At Fort Worth Pest & Termite services, we take the well being of our customers and our environment very seriously.  We are constantly evaluating new and better materials and options.  Below we have listed the most common materials that we use.  

All of the products we use are fully registered by the Environmental Protection Agency

 Common Name of the Material                         Environmental Protection Agency Registration #                           

Pest Monitoring & Catch Glue Boards                                               EPA#  56-OH1

Maxforce Gel (insect bait)                                                                    EPA# 432-1259

In-Tice Ant Bait Gel                                                                               EPA# 73079-1

Termidor SC (non-repelling Termiticide)                                           EPA# 7969-210

Advance Dual Choice Ant Bait Stations                                            EPA# 499-459

Borid (Boric Acid)                                                                                 EPA# 9444-129

CB-80 (Pyrethrin)                                                                                  EPA# 9444-175

CY-Kick  (Pyrethrin)                                                                               EPA# 499-304

The technicians will determine what materials he/she will use once they arrive and conduct an inspection of your home or office.  If you are concerned about any material or service, please feel free to talk with your technician or our staff and we can tailor our treatments to your specific needs and comfort level.  Even though most of our treatments have no odor and are safe for homes with small children and pets, many of our customers prefer to have us treat only the exterior of their home which is usually very effective in keeping a pest free environment.

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